3 Steps to Transition into the Project Space (Agile and Waterfall)
3 Steps to Transition into the Project Space (Agile and Waterfall)

3 Steps to Transition into the Project Space (Agile and Waterfall)

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"How do I break into Project Management?"
"How do I break into Agile as a Scrum Master?"
"How technical do I have to be in order to actually be in tech as a PM or SM?"


    BY FAR, these are the questions that I answer every day during strategy sessions, on IG live, in my Instagram DMs, in Facebook groups, in my LinkedIn DMs, etc.

    Seriously! I've covered all of these questions in this ebook!

    So let's think about this...

    • I've included 3 hot topics in this 22-page ebook.
    • I've included  a strategy that I typically only share with my mentees.
    • You can go at your own pace and refer back to this resource as often as needed, instead of booking 3 sessions to discuss each topic and strategy.

    Now let's do the math...

    Given the level of detail in this e-book AND considering that I typically only share this during strategy sessions, this e-book is a no-brainer! 

    Instead of having to book 3 separate strategy sessions, you get this amazing resource right to your email.

    No waiting on Amber's calendar to open up. You get your roadmap NOW!

    Unsure that this resource is right for you? Send me a DM on Instagram here with any questions.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sarah D
    Straight to the point

    I really enjoyed this book. Sometimes consuming a lot of information especially from a lot of sources is overwhelming so to have it all in one spot it very helpful. This book definitely challenges me to do further explore my skillet but also gives me some great insight for my next step.

    Liz Lamont

    This workbook is def a gem! Amber broke it down to a T! Since I bought the ebook I’ve been going through it everyday! Thank you Amber!!