5 Sure Ways to Bloom Where You're Planted

The sayings are “grow where you’re planted” or “bloom where you’re planted”

...taking advantage of the opportunities you have in your life and being grateful for the present situation.

It can be easier said than done if you're unhappy with where you are in life though. Nonetheless, there are at least 5 things you can do to thrive, even in circumstances that are not ideal.

1. Work on cultivating the right mentality. Try to appreciate the present and accept changes and setbacks. Learn from them, and make adjustments as necessary.
2. Take risks and look for opportunities. Can’t find any? Create them. Yes you can build your own table.
3. Make connections.
4. Choose your hard.
5. Make the most of each day. Try to be a positive force from one day to the next.


The best part about this list? All of these are IMMEDIATELY ACTIONABLE, with just moderate effort! 


1. Take an “inner evaluation” as soon as your self-talk turns sour. Ask yourself, “Is it true? Is it within my control? What am I learning? How am I growing from this?” You’ll never be victimized by your own thoughts again. Additional reading link.

2. START SOMETHING YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO FINISH. Start it today and see where it goes. You will figure it out. Get stuck? ASK FOR HELP! [click here]. Believe it or not, Most people who make and leave their marks, had no idea what they were doing when they started.

3. Reach out to just 1 person and introduce yourself. Don’t be a creep though. It can be on social media or in person. NO BRAIN PICKING, just focus on connecting.

4. Something nagging at you cuz you know you need to do it? Pull out some scratch paper. Write it down, and answer these 3 questions: What's the worse that can happen? What’s the best thing that can happen? What (if anything) will suffer if I don’t do this (consider yourself and others). 

5. Make every effort to be intentionally positive.


Get good at these, and eventually, you will bloom.