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Instead of just learning through trial and error, and fumbling through fire while trying to figure out what you're doing, join our simulation!

What's a simulation?

A simulation is the imitation of a real-world Agile project, working with a real team, over time. You'll experience real-world challenges and successes that come along with running an Agile project from a Scrum Master's point of view.

Will this simulation get me a job?

This simulation will get you the practice and experience needed for you to feel confident applying for Scrum Master roles.

a real-world experience + coaching

what else can you expect?

This is NOT another boring bootcamp that you attend for 2 days, and learn practically nothing.

This is a 8-week program of all of the Scrum ceromonies, working directly with a real-world deliverable, with a real team and real challenges.

Annnnnnd, you'll have me for a coach!

I'm Amber - Your Scrum Coach

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